About us

About Us

I'm Commmitted to Helping
You Reach Your Goals

When I first heard of the Ultimate Body Applicator sold by It works, I have to admit, I was extremely skeptical! I had to try it for myself to see if they really worked! After seeing my results, I knew I was going to share them with everyone! They were INCREDIBLE!

I joined the company about 6 months after seeing results and haven't stopped sharing this incredible product with others since! I love helping people look good and feel good about themselves. I'm a passionate believer that your health is your wealth! I want to help anyone I can live a wholesome and healthy lifestyle

Husband & Wife Team

Darlene Gardner

The Brains Behind our Business

My husband calls me the brains behind our business.  I don’t exactly see it that way, however, I’m just passionate about people.  I have seen so many of my friends and loved ones deal with health issues that I feel could have been avoide if someone had simply shared a healthy alternativer with them.  ItWorks products are natural, and they work.  How do I know?  I have tried them for myself and I continue to use them only a daily basis.  I love our Energy Drinks, Ultimate Thermofit, and Fat Fighters just to name  a few.  I just want to help anyone that I can to live a healthier life and enjoy the fullness of what life has to offer.

Maurice Gardner

The Technical Guy

I’m the husband and business partner.  I am the nerd of the operation.  I handle all of the marketing and web content.  If she thinks of it, I find a way to make her vision come to life.  My wife’s passion for others extends from our Ministry at our church directly into the ItWorks business.  She genuinely has a heart for people which makes it easy to work so hard to help her vision come to life.